The FutureGen Alliance is very disappointed to report that the Department of Energy has decided that it will end its project development cost sharing of FutureGen 2.0.  As a result, the Alliance will suspend its own major development efforts and ask subcontractors to do the same.  The reason for the DOE’s decision is their […]

Ball Chatham Elementary School

Local unions joined forced to begin construction on the newest elementary school for the growing Chatham school district. Work is expected to begin Spring 2009 and will use the skilled workforce from the Central Illinois Building & Construction Trades.

Spring Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Springfield Metro Sanitary District has begun construction on a big, multi-year, multi-phase project, creating many construction jobs.

CWLP Power Plant

City, Water, Light and Power’s $542 million Dallman 4 power plant went online at 11:27 a.m. Monday, May 11, 2009 months ahead of schedule. Operating on natural gas, a startup fuel, the generator was operating at an average of 13 megawatts. One mega-watt hour is enough electricity to power about 500 – 700 homes […]